Between phone calls, voice mails, emails and SMS (text messaging), there are so many ways to reach or miss a lead. Our customers are busy people, and there isn’t one simple solution for how to connect. However, there are ways to contact them in the manner they prefer to be contacted and actually reach them successfully.

According to a recent study conducted by Mintel, the London-based market research firm, Millennials (21 to 38 year olds) comprise about a quarter of the overall U.S. population. That’s a huge percentage to ignore, especially when it comes to lead contact rates and ultimately converting that prospective business into sales. It’s important to realize that Millennials are more receptive than other generations to mobile marketing. Mintel’s “Marketing to Millennials” report doesn’t mince words when it states: “To communicate with Millennials (or encourage them to communicate with you), a company/brand or individual needs to be using social media or texting.”

Additionally, with the Baby Boomer generation (adults ranging from 50 to 68 years old) making up about 24 percent of our current U.S. population, it’s also important to tap into their use of technology – especially with a growing percentage owning smart phones and using their mobile devices for communication and purchasing decisions on a daily basis.

Connecting the Dots

What does all of this mean for sales professionals? DYL customers report that the secret to increasing their contact rates by 35 percent is through DYL’s ContactConnect feature, which includes text messaging as well as:

  • Instant Lead Response Texts: Increase lead conversion by instantly and successfully connecting to potential customers.
  • Bulk Text Messaging: Personalize messaging and manage SMS communications from any device.
  • Text Message Scheduling: Schedule future text messages to be delivered to customers.
  • Automated Text Messaging: Automated text-message responder gives leads access to product and/or service information.
  • Group Text Messaging: Lets you communicate with customers regardless of where they are in the process.
  • Text Notifications: Remind customers of appointments and updates via ContactConnect feature.
  • Text Templates: Choose from a variety of text templates written by top producers.

DYL’s all-in-one system makes communicating with your prospects and clients easier and more efficient, giving you more time to build quality relationships that ensure repeat business.


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