We are excited to announce the roll out of our brand new MMS messaging feature onto our platform that will advance the way in which our customers can execute their direct marketing approach that surpasses basic SMS messaging yet still remains simplistic and efficient. We know that phone service is the heart of the business, and our platform inspires our customers to make sales fun and loud like we do. We have found that text messages have a 99% open rate so if your not texting, you are missing out on a lot of business.

The Future of Social Communication in Business

With SMS messaging our customers now have the ability to send text messages from their business telephone number instead of giving out personal cell phone numbers. Further more, MMS messages can be customized to vibrantly display messages in a much more creative and engaging manner over ordinary SMS messages through its ability to include quotes, claim photos, id cards, or important documents that can be sent and received directly to customers’ DYL account rather than rummaging through a full email inbox. This easy access will make text messages super easy to locate. These additional features, combined with text, will capture and express our customers’ brand identity as they communicate with new leads, build relationships with their existing customers, and even connect with their staff all in a fun and personal new way.

The idea to include MMS messaging has been a working progress that we are thrilled to finally launch. The idea to grow our SMS messaging into something more awesome and customer focused began 3 months ago when we aimed to response to our high customer demand of wanting the ability to add pictures to their text messages. Our team swiftly went to work, answering the call of our customers, and can now happily present the upgraded feature. This included feature sets us apart from competing brands such as Zipwhip, and other lead generating providers on the market who are still limited to only SMS messaging. With DYL our customers will revolutionize how they communicate with their leads as we continue to strive for pushing the boundaries of lead management.

There are a few different ways to use the MMS feature, customers can send photos to their agent of damages and get immediate feedback. Agents can send quotes and policy information, now that more and more states are allowing drivers to provide digital proof of insurance this feature is becoming especially useful. Our web app supports the most common image file formats like JPGs, PNGs, GIFs. Additionally, our system converts your uploaded PDF files into JPGs for ease of use.


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