DYL offers services that are designed to streamline business processes and convert more leads into sales. Our ContactConnect service is an automated lead management phone system and provides a variety of tools that allow businesses to capture more leads and effectively manage those relationships.

Click to Call Technology is a feature of ContactConnect that makes it incredibly simple for leads to contact your business. This feature allows you to add a clickable button to your mobile site that will instantly connect the customer to your business. They avoid the hassle of typing in your number and instead become a lead instantly.

Why Click to Call Technology Is Important

DYL’s ContactConnect comes equipped with many tools designed to make it easy for your business to build relationships with customers and convert leads. Click to Call plays an important role on your mobile site because it eliminates the hassle of dialing your number. Dialing a number may not seem troublesome, but it is surprising how many steps can be involved on modern smartphones.

This is a scenario where a website has not integrated Click to Call. A potential lead is browsing a site on their smartphone and decides they want to call for a quick estimate. They cannot click the phone number and it becomes a series of back and forth between the web browser and their dialer. Their first attempt is incorrect and they have to double check the number, making sure they have every number entered correctly. After a triple check, they are a bit annoyed and going into a call in a negative mindset. That is a bad way to start a call.

With Click to Call integrated into your site, that same person can click on your business’s number and get connected to your team instantly. This experience was convenient and they were able to get answers to their questions immediately. This minimizes the amount of effort your leads make and ensures they are in a positive mindset about calling your business at any time.

How ContactConnect’s Features Improve Click to Call

Click to Call Technology is only one part of the puzzle when you utilize ContactConnect to automate lead management. You have a range of features available to improve your Click to Call experience and convert more of the calls you receive on a daily basis. Tools such as Automatic Call Routing and Auto Remarketing enhance Click to Call increase business sales.

Automatic Call Routing: When your leads click on your website to call, Call Routing gives them an easy way to connect with the proper party. Once a caller clicks on your number and dials in, they can then be directed to the correct department with no trouble at all. This feature streamlines the process of directing calls and shows the customer that their call matters.

Call Routing is important because it shows that your business is organized and callers do not need to get pushed through several different departments before reaching the right party. Your callers experience ease as they are effortlessly connected to the person they want to speak with.

Auto Remarketing: Not all leads become sales. Any salesperson will tell you that is a reality of the position. Some of the leads calling through your Click to Call feature may need more than one call to make the sale and it is important to take that into account. Auto Remarketing delivers opportunities to convert past leads into customers.

Past leads that did not convert can still present opportunities for your business. Perhaps the lead was not in a position to utilize your product or service but are now ready to benefit from it. Auto remarketing will automatically add them to your call queue so you can keep in touch and keep your business top of mind when the need for your product or service arises.

DYL’s Tools Improve Phone Sales

DYL was born with one question in mind, “How can we make phone sales better?” DYL has successfully combined reliable VoIP phone service with full sales automation. The features you have access to were designed to give your sales process more power and convert as many leads as possible.

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