When you’re running and growing an active and bustling business, the last thing you want is to be held back by outdated technology systems that decrease productivity and efficiency. Old, copper wire, circuit-switched phone calls are reliable, yes, but also costly, slow and susceptible to outside forces such as power outages and storms. They also lack the technology and ability to organize customers and employee progress in a methodical way.

If you’re looking to connect with your consumers in a timely, easy and automated manner, there is no better solution than our integrated VoIP software management system. By cutting off confusing funnels and branches that allow leads to slip through the cracks, you consolidate all your potential and existing customers into a focused arrangement that allows you make calls, sales and follow-ups faster than ever before.

What Exactly Does VoIP Software Do?

VoIP software stands for Voice Over Internet Software. Essentially, VoIP sends voice calls, voicemails, phone recordings and text communications over your broadband connection, cutting cost and increasing lead management success. However, at DYL we’ve taken it one step further and created an all-encompassing management tool to organize and streamline your sales, follow-up and employee processes.

VoIP software also allows employers more freedom than ever before. Not only does our VoIP management system put all your employees into a trackable format, but with cloud-based services, you can listen to calls, voicemails and recordings from anywhere, anytime. By connecting your CRM, current phone services and sales tracking software together, you automatically save time and money as your system becomes an all-in-one manager.

With DYL, your entire office will also receive VoIP enabled headsets to make the process of switching over as seamless as possible. Everyone will be connected and ready to go.

Why Is VoIP Better Than My Landline?


One of the first comparisons we should look at, in order to best highlight the benefits of VoIP Software, is the drastic reduction in price from traditional landline services. VoIP software, from almost any company, will reduce monthly phone costs anywhere from 30-50%. That’s a pretty big savings if you ask us!


Next, it’s helpful to look at reliability, as staying in contact with your customers and consumers is vital to sales productivity. No one likes a dropped call, especially if you’re an eager client. Because VoIP software works over your broadband connection, calls can easily be routed to cell phones or other mobile devices should there be an interruption in service. Rain, snow or shine, your company and employees will stay connected with who matters most, your clients and consumers.


VoIP phone services offer all of the same features as your regular landline along with many other unique and streamlined benefits. VoIP systems allow for much more flexibility, mobility and integration. Through the cloud, you have the ability to use your smartphone as an extension of your office while on-the-go or traveling. Users can also log into the VoIP dashboard to organize how calls are routed and handled at the blink of an eye. Lastly, integration of third party services, such as CRM, fax and email puts all of your communications under one roof thereby relieving overwhelm and burnout.

How Do I Make the Switch from My Land Line to VoIP?

In order to make the switch from your landline to our VoIP Management System, we’ll provide your company with VoIP-enabled handsets. However, if you prefer, we can also integrate our software solutions into your existing phones. We’ll also walk you through how to set up service with your internet provider as well as give your offices full trainings on using and implementing the software to get the most out of your new manager.

Are You Ready to Take your Sales to the Next Level?

At DYL, we’re confident we provide the best features and services at the most reasonable prices. We take your communications very seriously and believe our VoIP Software Management System will greatly enhance your current business and sales structure. If you’re ready and excited to learn more, we’d be happy to answer all your questions and take you on a tour of our services. Call 888-310-4474 today to reach us directly.


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