Sales Pipeline Development is an important aspect for businesses because it allows them to measure the health of their sales prospects. Having a sales pipeline paints a clear picture of sales prospects and where they are in the sales process. With our CampaignConnect service, your business gets all the tools needed for sales pipeline management.

DYL technology combines the best-in-class calling software with lead generation tools and sales pipeline management. With DYL, businesses get a phone system that goes beyond calls and provides tools that organize and track the entire sales process. Here are tips for sales pipeline development on DYL’s CampaignConnect.

Knowing Your Sales Process

The sales process calls for tools that help track each lead and keep data on sales statistics. With this information, businesses have a clear forecast on sales goals and how to improve the process to grow these goals. The sales pipeline is a visual representation of your process that captures the status of every potential customer.

Your business has the ability to follow each lead from the first call to the last signature. Knowing the process allows you to predict when sales goals will be hit and analyze the strategies taking place. Sales staff and business owners can quantify the demand for their products and services. A sales pipeline will create stable sales cycles with reliable results.

The end goal is to establish metrics and put processes in place to improve those metrics. With the pipeline, businesses can pinpoint which part of the sales process is lowering results. The pipeline allows businesses to analyze their process and train employees to improve that specific aspect of the sale.

Tips For Sales Pipeline Development

An effective pipeline nurtures leads according to their time. Every sale is different so a successful pipeline will be able to convert a lead without them noticing. It is important not to treat a lead like a number and listen to their needs and promote the value of your product or service. Here are some quick points to keep in mind while developing your pipeline.

Target Audience

Knowing the target audience will allow businesses to cater to the needs of potential customers. Be familiar with the leads and recognize the messages that resonate with them.

Sales Ready Evaluation

Not all leads are going to be sales ready. It is important to get a read on the potential client and determine what the next steps should be. If a sale is ready, the process can start immediately. If the lead isn’t prepared to go through the process, they can be approached differently until they are sales ready.

Automate The Process

One of the greatest strengths of DYL’s CampaignConnect tool is the automation that can be accomplished through the service. For leads that aren’t sales ready, the tool schedules follow up calls to keep in contact and maintain a relationship with the lead.

Track Leads

Leads in the system are easy to find and track throughout the sales process. At any point, any member of sales will be able to research a lead and know exactly how they are progressing. The process doesn’t have to be a mystery and every team member can improve their sales.

Differentiate From Competitors:

With sales pipeline management, you spend less time planning and more time acting. The sales process is streamlined because less time is spent researching a lead. That information is instantly available and your business can focus on providing value with each call.

Ease of Management

The tools businesses have at their disposal focus on efficiency. A salesperson shouldn’t have to spend most their time scheduling future calls. Having a phone system that combines the sales process automates scheduling and allows the team to focus on selling rather than dialing.

The service automatically handles the clerical work to offload the steps that are taken to close a sale. The system can automatically dial leads, track progress, record calls, and perform a variety of tasks that can improve the process every step of the way. With less time spent managing, businesses can spend more time training employees to become more effective salespeople. This phone system goes beyond calls and is truly designed to capture more leads.

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