Work just got a whole lot easier – DYL 2.0 is Coming

If your business relies on a sales and marketing team to bring in new business or a customer support team to keep...

The Technology of Insurance Sales With David Offutt, Farmers Insurance

David has always been a techy-sales person, believing that streamlining and automating the sales process is the only way to do business. Beginning his insurance career in 2008, he began with 4 lines on an antiquated key system using different numbers with personal cell phones used for texting. David is passionate in his business and having the latest equipment and technology.

System and Process Flow with Brian Scott

In only three and a half years, Brian has gone from being a Reserve agent in the District Office to having an 8-person staff, writing 3500 Policies in Force. Breaking into the insurance business at an exuberant 20 years of age easily tagged him as the youngest Farmers Agent in Texas. Add to his age the fact he was new to the area, meant that all the straightforward and easy ways to generate a client base were all but obsolete for Brian. He began to think outside of the box to discover ways to write more contracts and generate positive leads.

Championship Insurance Sales With Carmella Larkins

Carmella Larkins went from a position at the district office to, within 2 months time, owning her own office and now has over 2,000 policies in Force. Her hard work has positioned her as one of the top producing Farmers Insurance Agents in Nevada, quickly landing in the top 3% and earning a distinguished Championship Status. Being new to Las Vegas posed a bit of a business challenge to Carmella as she was significantly lacking the natural client base that comes from lifelong relationships with family and friends.

These Days Customer Service is More Important than Ever

In the time of COVID-19, Customer Service Teams are your business’s front line workers. 2020 has become a...