If your business relies on a sales and marketing team to bring in new business or a customer support team to keep your customers happy, your life is about to change. For the better.

At DYL, we’re as passionate about growing your business as you are. Which is why for the past year, we’ve been building a beautiful, more robust platform – to give you the freedom to do what you love: turning prospects into sales and happy customers into raving fans.

Here’s what’s coming your way:

Feel the Power 

  • Customizable CRM – Add product types and customized fields to gain more insights into commissions. Forecast revenue and attain reports showing how much you pay per lead and true ROI on lead conversions. Send quotes and assign automated workflows to pipelines to keep track of your stages. Organize and label your records as Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and more.
  • Comprehensive funnel with sales pipeline – Reps can reach their sales goals by tracking their deals and customers through custom pipelines. And managers can effectively monitor and guide them as a more efficient overview reveals key performance indicators (KPIs) and detailed reports of sales performance, cycle lengths, and sales funnels.  
  • User Permissions & Caller ID Assignments – Base user restrictions on features and sections within DYL. Assign specific caller ID’s to campaigns when dialing or texting out. 
  • Bulk Action Campaigns – Create and organize campaigns based on the desired action: Dialer, Text, or Email. Quickly assign multiple campaigns at once to users, scripts/templates, and caller IDs.
  • Campaign Dialer Scripts & Library: Create or upload sales scripts and assign them to dialer campaigns. Access and update all your templates, texts, emails, and sales scripts from your library. 

Experience the Beauty

  • Personalize the platform to fit your needsCustomizable user profiles allow users to edit and share their professional photo, contact information and recent activity with their team. The ability to star favorite Contacts, Leads, Customers, Campaigns, Folders and more offers quicker access. 
  • Enhanced Mobile App – Easy access from anywhere, right from your phone.
  • Office View Prompt & Virtual Softphone – Sitting in your navigation bar, Office View is always within reach no matter where you are, complete with a new softphone for quicker contact.
  • Notification Center & Recent Activity – Receive alerts and notifications of incoming text messages, voicemails, missed calls, faxes, and more. See a history of the latest actions performed, whether pages visited or people called, texted or emailed.

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